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Audio-Visual Committee Description

Page history last edited by Owen Thaxton 7 years, 11 months ago

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White Noise - Owen Thaxton

Jimminey Cricket - Shane Virtue


Occupy San Jose's Audio/Visual Committee strives to provide a record of #OSJ General Assembly Minutes and #OSJ events.


All content will be made publicly available, here, on occupy.pbworks.com.


Audio and video files are all released in a Copyleft license.




Chair-members of the #A/VC are largely responsible for their chosen area of expertise and interest.


Chair-person, White Noise, has agreed to full responsibility for the digital transmission of Audio Recordings of General Assembly Minutes and Events.

Pursuant to the action of Audio Recording these public minutes, audio is to be released under the following provisions,

  • Audio shall be uploaded to a third party storage space and then made available on the public resource, occupy.pbworks.com
  • Audio is to be uploaded to the world wide web, following engineer processing, post-haste.
  • No physical, formal back-ups of these audio recordings shall be collected on behalf of chair-person White Noise.
  • Before recording audio at General Assemblies or events, chair-person White Noise shall make a formal proclamation that audio recording will begin.

 As a living document, changes and amendments are welcome.



Designated committee members are granted authority to oversee accounts which mirror the medias they are interested in. Alternate social media web-hosts include and are not limited to: Flickr accounts, Twitter, E-mail addresses, Youtube accounts and so on and so forth, as designated necessary by their corresponding digital media requirements. 



Internal Administration:

Video Warlock, White Noise, and Sister Admin are working together to maintain a standard of civility, in regards to recording these GA minutes. Every GA recorded is shared in it's entirety, and there is no altering the GA minutes.


Minimal editing is approved, which in this case refers to "introduction" and "outroduction" production.



Inactive Members:

Video Warlock - Toby Nixon

Sister Admin - Cory Andis

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