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Occupys Most Wanted List

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A place to start a list of interesting actors. American has closed a painful decade of loss (two wars of hatred), corruption (crashed the financial markets) and deception (fear mongering for profit). Now it is time for Justice. There is a growing voice in the street. No justice, no peace. The people are demanding accountability for crimes in high places.


Also see Posters for information you can take to the street.

Also see Chants and Songs for information you can take to the street.


Summary (see instructions below):

Criminal Activity
More Info.
Ted Cruz Subverting democracy Holden America hostage for personal gain Click Here
Eric Cantor
Holding a nation hostage for ego, personal and political gain
Click Here
3 Mitch McConnell Conflict of Interest
Judgment impaired by blind irrational hate
Click Here
John Boehner Obstructio­n of Justice
Dubious leadership while asleep at the switch
Click Here
  Grover Norquist Treason and Subversion

A revenue starvation pledge that broke the markets

(fortunately his has been marginalized)

Click Here
 Mitt Romney

Unfair Enrichment

Tax Evasion

Using off shore accounts and  unfair tax policies that empty our treasury. A man who said $375,000/yr is not much!?!

(fortunately his has been marginalized)

Click Here

* To insert a new row, select edit, hover over the table and select right mouse.

** To insert a hyperlink to a new page, select edit, select the text, then select "Add Link".


March Toward Justice:

1. Research the crime

2. Identify the lead actor

3. Make the case (a logical argument showing cause)

4. Fill the above table

5. Work with you GA and other GAs to find the Actor and bring him to justice through the laws of our land





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