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Colorful posters with simple yet clever messages help communicate our message. Browse the web for inspiration by searching for posters, art and occupy. For images try Google Images.


Also See: Chants and Songs

File Folder: Poster Files




Portable Roll Out Poster Video (10 secs. setup):



Portable Roll-Out Poster

 Size: 24" x 36" 200dpi

Poster + Quick Setup Frame w/ Pole

(Light, ideal for mobile actions)

Print Ready Poster

 Size: 24" x 36"200 dpi  


Print Ready Flyer

 Size: 8.5" X 11" 200dpi 


100 x 150 icon 200 dpi

Grover Norquist - Wanted


Free (do it your self, read below)

List Price: $60.00

Sale Price: $39.95

(plus shipping and handling)


(10% of profit go to Occupy)




Do it yourself .png .

Click Here to Download




Do it yourself..pdf

Click Here to Download

Grover Norquist - Lobbyist



Free (do it your self, read below)

List Price: $60.00

Sale Price: $39.95

(plus shipping and handling)


(10% of profit go to Occupy)




Do it yourself.

Click Here to Download




 How To Print A Poster at home, as Tiled Pages:

  1. Open the .pdf file in Adobe Reader (reference version 10.1.1)
  2. Select the Print menu, choose a printer
  3. Select Print Handling/Print Scaling: "Tile all pages"
  4. Select Print Handling/% Overlap: 0.1 (or larger to your preference)
  5. Select Print Handling/Tile Scale: 240 (approximately)
  6. Adjust the Tile Scale larger or smaller until the preview is what you want
  7. Notice the resulting size and the number of pages that will print
  8. When satisfied, select: OK.
  9. To combine two tiles try folding or cutting one and then overlapping
  10. After combining and taping together all tiles affix to a sturdy backing like cardboard or foam board.
  11. Consider making two sided signs with messages on both sides
  12. Consider attaching the signs to a stick using a heavy duty stabler or wood screws with washers


How To Create A Poster:

Creating a Poster using Word (example: Norquist_Wanted.doc:

  1. Start a new document in Word
  2. Set the top, bottom, left and right margins to .5 in.
  3. On the first line, type the first paragraph (format to taste)
  4. On the next line insert an image (format to taste)
  5. On the next line type the last paragraph
  6. Use help or search Google for help if you need to complex things like text over pictures etc.
  7. Stretch the image and adjust the text to fill an entire page from top to bottom
  8. Save or print the document to Adobe Acrobat as a .pdf. file (example: Norquist_Wanted.pdf)


Creating a Poster using a Graphics program (example: Cantor_Wanted_2011a.jpg):

  1. Start a new document or import a graphics file into your favorite graphics editor (example: Cantor_2011a.jpg)
  2. Add text and format to the image size to approximately 8 inches x 10.5
  3. Save or print the file to Adobe Acrobat as a .pdf. file (example: Cantor_Wanted.pdf)





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