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San Jose

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OSJ Mission Statement:

Occupy San Jose is a local, grassroots, democratic movement in solidarity with the New York, Occupy Wall Street movement. The purpose of Occupy San Jose is to encourage visible and accessible activism.


We foster peaceful cooperation and the empowerment of humanity to engage in the democratic process regardless of socioeconomic, religious, or political status. We are shining a light on the corporate and political corruption of Wall Street and in Washington which has methodically increased oppression worldwide in favor of the 1%. We also demand accountability for the commission of these crimes. We will not tolerate the wealthiest one percent buying our government, nor our politicians selling it. We are reasserting our role in democracy. We are all in this together.


We are the 99%.


Key Mission Principles:

When considering an activity OSJ seeks alignment with our stated Mission. We welcome invitations to join with our neighbors for common good. Please review our Mission and examples of other actions for guidance of how we support the following core principles. A helpful exercise it to write a few sentences stating how the new activity connects with our Mission. Below are some keywords.


Empowering the 99%












Expose Corporate Greed


Expose Political Corruption




Comments (4)

Cheryl Lilienstein said

at 11:01 pm on Nov 8, 2011

Where does the city of San Jose put its money? In a corporate bank, or in a local bank or credit union? Is anyone else interested in making friends inside city hall by doing some research to find out the answer to this? Perhaps if we find that Bank of America (or any of the other big banksters) are using San Jose's money, we could enlarge the occupy movement INSIDE city hall to move our money. Interest?

spencer.graves@prodsyse.com said

at 11:08 am on Nov 9, 2011

Someone at OccupySJ told me that California state law requires state and local governmental organizations to keep their money in major banks. I'd like to know if this is true. If it is, I think there is a good chance we could change that law, either with the current legislature or by an initiative.

spencer.graves@prodsyse.com said

at 11:34 am on Nov 9, 2011

The City of San Jose currently banks with Wells Fargo, according to San Jose City Resolution No. 74892 dated 5/4/2009, which authorized the
City Manager to negotiate and execute agreements with Wells Fargo through June 30, 2012. I've just written my city councilperson, Pierluigi Olivario, asking, "What are your thoughts about having the City of San Jose move its money to either a local-only bank or a credit union?"

+++MIchael Whitney said

at 2:45 pm on Nov 9, 2011

Beautiful Move.

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